Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Celebration & Futurity

So, I am back in Tennessee for the Celebration & Futurity. I'll be riding Bourbon. The trip today started out weirdly familiar to my travel for the International! In a STORM! Arggggg, my first four hours was rain rain rain. Thank goodness the latter part was clear sky's and even some sunshine. Everyone please remind me to change Bourbons name so it's not "watchin for the storm" any more. Other than some great text messages, and an extended phone call to break up the trip, (thanks Kricket!), the rest of the trip was uneventful.

I arrived in Franklin before 7pm, unhooked the trailer (the trailer is empty. It's here with me so I can bring Bourbon home after this weeks showing)and headed over to see B. But hold on, more Bourbon drama! When I went to his stall, looking back at me was a weeping eye. Seems he scratched it a day or so earlier and Bobby has been administering drops. Arggghh, it is always something.

Thank goodness for Scott who talked me off the ledge of insanity. Yes, I wanted everything perfect for the Celebration. Is that too much to ask? Well maybe things will look better come morning.

I ride in the morning session tomorrow after 9am. I'm in class 7,an amateur trail class for two year old horses. Only that one class - one opportunity. I'm expecting it to be hugely competitive. Well be lucky to get noticed. Or maybe this weeping eye may do the trick. LOL. (okay I'm really crying about that!). But I'll ride the best I can, and leave the rest to Bobby's hard work and Bourbon. I pray tonight for a safe and clean ride. And, that I don't embarrass myself in the process.

Our very first Celebration ride.
Well be riding western. I get to wear a little bling, a white cowboy hat and chaps. B has a matching saddle pad....the set I bought at the Jefferson tack swap. It's high quality, orange and navy that will look great on B. And didnt hurt the pocketbook too much.

So it's after 11pm. I'm gonna hang it up for the night and get a good nights sleep. It's off to Shelbyville and the famous Calsonic Arena bright and early tomorrow.

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