Monday, September 2, 2013

Celebration 2013 or Bust!

Flat!  Thank goodness I
was already in Shelbyville.
I can't believe it's celebration time again. I drove down on Wednesday. My first class is Friday morning. So I have a day in between to get in a practice ride and get settled.  The drive was long this time. I had good weather but there was construction, traffic  and accidents that slowed my progress dramatically.  So what should have been about 10.5-11 hour drive, extended way past 12 hours.  Arghhh....  Even longer due to a stop at Carlan's to gather all my show outfits from her place.  It was a nice detour...always nice to catch up and see the girls too. Plus I got to meet their cute little dogs - tater tot and Diva.  Very cute!
Our view at GordonView farms.
Beautiful...and quiet by a pond!

I'm staying with the Allen sisters in a 2 bedroom house in Shelbyville that we rented for the week+.  It's really nice, full kitchen and family it's more like staying at home than a hotel. Plus it's nice to be staying out in the country where it's quiet. But still just minutes from Hannah's and the celebration grounds. Our only issue is wifi access. So we're trying to get a solution to that little gap in technology.  I am working most of the days so I need to stay connected. 

Semi swerves off road in
traffic. Almost witnessed
the crash!
Upon arrival I was met by the proprietors who helped me park and unhook my trailer. Rachel and Krysta were already here. So I unpacked my luggage and we decided job one was grocery shopping and dinner. Off to Kroegers to accomplish that task.  And then back to our home away from home to make dinner. I had one of those new Bartolli cheese filled shells in vodka cream sauce. Ummmmm, yeah, it was either my deep hunger pains or those buggers are tasty!  I'm going with the latter, and literally licked the microwave bowl clean. ;)

Now we're watching a little TV and decompressing. This will be a short I'm going to get to sleep. I'm here safe, it's a great place to stay....and I get to see and ride B tomorrow. Can't wait. 

For those who may be watching the stream of the show, or just want to know when I's my schedule for the preliminary classes. 
The official 2013 program!
Bourbon is listed in the
program!  We're back #614.

Friday, Aug 23 morning 9am:
#42 - Owner-Amateur Riders on Four-YO Trail Pleasure Walking Horses, opt tack

Sunday, Aug 25 night  7pm (big oval!)
#84 - Owner-Amateur Novice Riders on Novice Western Trail Pleasure Walking Horses

Monday, Aug  26 morning 9am
#102 - Owner-Amateur Novice Riders on Novice English Trail Pleasure Walking Horses

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