Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fun and Games @ the Show

There is always something fun going on outside the ring. Hanging out watching the classes from the rail or the stands.  Standing around watching horses in the warmup or going through DQP.  Hanging out by the stalls, visiting Halo or Carlan's weanling and horses.  And, the list goes on. One thing I know for sure, is that little to no time was spent sleeping or being at the hotel. It was rise and shine early to feed , and going until after midnight riding Halo. But who needs sleep anyways. We were running on adrenaline and spotted cow. 

Halo checking out the show.

I did get to ride Halo a few times. We'd wait until the show was over and bring him into the warmup. It was exciting to watch Hannah warm him up, and I rode a few times too. The last night we were there I rode. Scott watched and encouraged me to keep going. I felt like I was riding jello, but both Hannah and Scott said he looked good. The young ones always feel so tipsy. He feels different than my others, and I wasn't sure what he knew and didn't. But I did know he was floaty and fun, even though my power steering was hit or miss. Lol. I got him to hit it a few times around, and so that made me happy. And for a young boy he sure wasn't spooky, just went where you tried to point him.  He needs saddle time for sure, but Hannah really believes he'll be ready to show at celebration. So my first official ride on him just may be in the celebration ring. Yikes!  Not the original plan - to have the first time I show him be at the biggest show of the year. What a way to start!  Can you say.... P.R.E.S.S.U.R.E.  (insert nervous laugh here.)

Scott pulled halo out a few times during the days we were there. Hannah encouraged us to take him out and let him see the show and acclimate to everything. He was amazingly calm and inquisitive about it all. He was so good. Scott loved all over him and kept saying how sweet he was. And he really is sweet. But you can't take your eye off him for two seconds without risking him nipping you. He is  like a baby - everything in the mouth. Lol. 

My show string.  What a lucky girl I am!
L to R - Diva, Bourbon, me and Halo.  (Fash - not shown)
One day we got all three of our horses out and took some photos. This may be one of the only times they are all in one place together to be able to do a good photo.  So we took advantage of the opportunity.  I felt bad that Fashion wasn't in the photo too. He's back at home in Wisconsin, holding down the paddock, but he was there in my thoughts as I stood holding three lead ropes.  My B, D, and H.   Scott took photos, Carlan tried to get ears to come forward, and Katie just ran around to help however she could.  In the end, we captured the money shot. My heart overflowed with happiness. I love this newest photo. A treasure. Or maybe I loved the look Scott gave me as he smiled watching me see it for the first time. ;).  Thanks honey for encouraging me to chase my dreams. I love you. 

Socializing is the other constant. You do the rounds, visiting stalls.  Between Carlan and Tami and myself, we not only had our row of AOT horses with Gale and Eileen, but Tami and I also had horses with Hannah Pulvers, and Carlan had horses with Joe Lester and Bobby Richards. So we had three trainer barns to visit on top of AOT row, to socialize at all day.   A swing by Halo's stall in the HP aisle.  A stop to see SNB by Joe's for Katie to pet a nose, and then a drop-in by the weanling for Carlan to show me her mare's baby.  

 It was fun to see friends and meet new people too!  A cocktail with Janet and Jordan Howell up in the Miller Suite.  A hug from the pretty Kimberly Coult who always has a smile. Catching up with a Bobby and Stacey.   Then hanging out just about anywhere you bump into someone you know, to share a story of a ride, a win, a horse for sale, or to admire a saddle.  It was fun to introduce Scott to many people he's only heard me talk about. 

Carlan and I share a "cappuccino" - that's
our secret code for beer incognito.
(yes, I'm wearing a halo.)
As the week wore on, I think we all relaxed a lot more. Show baths become small parties, as everyone walks along to help.  Katie spraying, Emily instructing, Scott with the scraper, and me washing or spraying show sheen. You meet the person washing a horse next to you. Laugh together as everyone is getting wet by accident or on purpose.  Terry the farrier stops, meets Scott and the two of them chat about the Packers.  I love this.  Charlie and Cindy stop to say hi. They are AOT riders too and we see each other in the ring, or at other shows.  Darden stops by our stalls to say hi to Scott, and to grab a Spotted cow that he opens on the side of my trailer and then hangs out for a while and opens more cows for the rest of us.  There is Dr John in his English suit getting ready to harness drive in the next class.  Carlan needs me to fix her tie. Emily checks my hair and tucks the frizzes and sprays them down with hair spray. Bub stops to shake Scott's hand and compliment us on the nice new colt.  We come to the aid of Jane who can't get her horse, Power-aid, in the trailer to take him home.  And, Katie does the water runs with the pink heart shaped pail to top off all the horses water buckets, wearing her halo.  This is what all of this is really about. 

We hang some show clothes out for sale, and by the end of the week Carlan and I sell almost everything we had put out there.  And then turn around and buy something someone else had hanging -  like a spontaneous tack swap.  I end up meeting Tracy Pinson, who purchased a pretty new blue shirt from me.  Tracy rides the top versatility horse in the world, and represents the walking horse in an amazing way!  Hope the shirt brings her more wins.  

Meals sometimes happen . Hannah invites us over for pizza or fajitas. We stop up at the consession stand or grab a donut in the show office.  Late night dinners definitely happen.  Even those are filled with stories and laughter. The last night we went to Red Robbin with Carlan and her girls and Rachel Allen.  I think we laughed so hard, we were crying. Scott has a knack of making us all laugh, and in the process teaches Katie a few new thing that I'm sure Carlan will hate him for later.  

Tami and My Little Black Dress
get the roses in the AOT all day pleasure
championship class.
Then there is the winners circle. The small, single place that everyone hopes to find themselves.  Eileen's 2yo wins his class, ridden by Gale, that takes them to the winners circle for photos.  Its so exciting to have a blue going home to Wisconsin!  Carlan and Emily get blues on Lil Wayne. And the roses are worn by Tami as she takes the victory lap with her AOT all day pleasure mare - Little Black Dress.  It's fun to be part of the celebrating that ensues after these successes. And your heart doubles with happiness for those who have smiles spread across their faces - if it's the first or
Eileen & Gale with Hot Diamond
after his 2yo class win! 
20th time there.   

So many happy memories are going home with me again. And deeper friendships than I could wish for continue to grow.  They say it was approximately 2000 entries this week.  The largest event in many, many years .  Congratulations to everyone who won a blue, or achieved their own personal goals. And thank you to Tommy, Sis and the entire WHOA team for putting on this outstanding show.  The DQPs who checked about 4000 hooves.  Dee Dee, the best ever WHOA board ambassador who ensured we were all having fun.  Truly, this was the BEST International so far….and its so sad it over.  Can't wait for next year.  Next stop, Celebration!

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