Sunday, July 24, 2016

I'm Waaaaaaittting!

It's five o'clock somewhere. 
Hmm, wonder when this arena thing is going to get
started?  I'm ready for the show. 
Well, not much to report yet on the arena. Not anything progress-wise.  However, much frustration-wise.  Okay I'll take that back, we have a dumpster now.

Just days after the materials were delivered the crew arrived with the post digger. I had to go to work so I passed them on my way down the driveway  I was so excited. Finally this little party was going to get started. My excitement was hard to contain - I imagined what would happen today and how far they would get as I drove west to Madison. When I got to work Scott began to send me photos. Post number one. Photo. Post number two. Photo. Post three and four. Photo. The corner posts were in. I went into a team meeting. Buzz. Photo. Another post in. And at lunch I texted, "more photos please!"  But no reply. Maybe the guys had taken a break for lunch. A little while later Scott called. The building inspector was there, looking in one of the holes. Scott watched from his office window as the contractor folded his arms and the building inspector continued to look in the hole. Even from the second story window, that was a few hundred feet away,  he could tell it was bad body language. Something's wrong.

And ten days later here we sit. The question is regarding the sandy soil that got wet at a deeper point when they dug the hole. The concern - will the soils shift or fail to bear the load of the facility appropriately?  This could potentially cause settling that could lead to rippling in the siding or sliding doors to be uneven or stick, etc.  Urghhhh. After all the changes of where to site the building ....and the soil at this location that the county selected is the issue!?  The good news - there are solutions. The bad news - let's bring in an engineer to tell us what the right solution should be. Cha-Ching. Footings bigger?  Posts deeper?  Reading between the's only time and money. Urghhhhh.

And ten days later here we sit. Now they want to dig more holes to decide what to do. What?  We did that last week. Yeah, but we want to go deeper this time. Maybe three feet deeper than last time  and see, assess, calculate.  Cha-Ching.  But Scott has a lot of connections. He was able to get a back hoe lined up to do the required. The guy who plants our fields hooked us up.

So now we wait for Friday. A new hole. And the engineer's recommendation. And the building inspectors agreement. Stressed-out is an understatement for how we feel right now. While we want it done right and not have issues in the future, we also are very ready to get on with it. It was supposed to be a straightforward project. Four sides, a roof, some doors, some windows and sand. It's turned into much much more. Six months of planning, moving sites, waiting for permits....and now this.

So now we wait for Friday. And I once again think ....I won't believe I'm getting this arena until I'm sitting on a horse riding in it for the first time. And I pray my dream of getting this Christmas present can still come true. Scott just keeps saying I'm gonna get this...he's going to make it happen. At this point I just love this man who is working so so so hard to make my dream come true. No matter what Friday brings, I know he'll move mountains (or in this case, make holes) to get this done!

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