Saturday, August 11, 2018

Gotham Siren takes on the 40th International

What a week the 40th International was! I was remiss in posting updates so instead I’m doing a highlights blog. And, I’m going to do it Jimmy Fallon thank you notes style. So, here goes.
Joe provides instruction to me and Quinn
Notice how he can’t help but pet her. šŸ˜˜

Thank you for setting us up with Chris and his terrific camper!  Staying on the grounds, literally 50 feet from my horses, was ideal. Not to mention that having an air conditioned nap getaway, meal haven and dressing room space was a luxury. While I did lock myself out the first morning in my pajamas (no not my Victoria Secrets...whew!), I also made many new friends (especially Gordon and Lindy) in the process - who came to my rescue and made sure I had my morning latte. Having a camper is the way to go. Reservation 2019; done!

Thank you Katie, Jer and baby Gavin for keeping me company all week. Your excitement to attend your first International was contagious. Plus, I cannot thank you enough for the photo and video documentary of our week full of fun activities, horse shopping and rides. The fact that Gavin slept all night was unbelievable. What a great little travel buddy he is.... simply an angel. Now I hope you find the show horse of YOUR dreams! We certainly found you a few amazing prospects for your consideration. šŸ“šŸ˜€♥️
My two blue ribbon girls!  Double love. ♥️♥️

Thank you my special friends Jane and Tami. Both of you are my lifeline and support as I chase my dreams. I’m not sure how I’d make all of this happen without either of you. Jane for your endless kindness and friendship, along with the reoccurring B&B stay and storage space - you’re my home and family away from home. ;)  And Tami you’re my AOT stall neighbor and show confidant - in and out of the show ring.  What amazing women and dear friends you are. 
Katie, Jerry and baby Gavin chillaxin by the stalls
and our magic šŸŒ“ palm tree. 

Thank you
... to all the new friends I made. My show apparel sales began as a way for me to sell a few of my shirts in order to get something new. But what it has really become is an amazing way to meet so many wonder people who are on the same journey as me. I have enjoyed helping you find the perfect new outfit or complementary piece AND learning about you and your horses!  I have many new memories and Facebook friends because of this week. šŸ˜‰

Thank you
.... to the entire WHOA staff, the judges and all the generous sponsors that make the show possible. From entry booth - to ribbons and floral rings - to a magnificent winners circle, you’ve outdone yourselves once again. And, we all continue to pray for a swift recovery for Lonnie. He gave his all to judging and we wish him a quick recovery. 

Quinn in the winners circle. She went two for two with
Joe and me each riding a class. Thanks team JLS!
Thank you
.... to Marty And Jennifer Barr. You never cease to amaze me with your photo talent. You’ve captured all my babies on film - and now have brought me unbelievable photos of Quinn. There are more than a few “money shots” in the bunch. Marty I think I might agree that this just may be the best shoot yet. I will treasure them all. Having these photos of her will help keep her close to me even though I’m in Wisconsin and she’s with Joe in Tennessee. So for me they are much, much more than a picture. They are the piece of her that I have - while she’s so far away. 
Diva finally gets a blue after 7 years of trying.
Love both my blue ribbon girls this week. 

Thank you the team at Joe Lester Stables. Chris. Maggie. Ashlyn. The three of you keep everything humming like clock work. Not only did you make sure Quinn was ready for her classes but also for her practice rides and photo shoot. Including a dress change in between. I’m not sure how you do it. Being there before we all arrive, until the last class is over and we’ve all left to go to bed. You are so appreciated!

Thank you Joe Lester and Bailey Momb. You two make a terrific team and it shows in what you put in the ring. Talented horses. And, more importantly - happy horses. I can’t thank you enough for putting me with Quinn. I love everything about her. She’s just the perfect horse for me. I’m tickled pink with her two blue wins this week - including my very first victory lap aboard her!  What a thrill of a memory. Chills (and happy tears). But most of all thank you for caring for her, taking your time with her as she learns, and for the natural horsemanship you display every single day. She’s turning out wonderfully and I know it’s because of your gentle hand.  I also want to thank you for the time you take with me to get me prepared for my rides so I can show Quinn to her full potential. Hugs to both of you.  
D waaaaiting in her stall. šŸ˜‚ 

Finally, Thank you
.... to my hubby for encouraging me to follow my crazy dreams. And, for kicking me in the butt when I doubt myself. Lol. I love you to pieces. 

Quinn, Diva and Bourbon I’m so proud of all of you. And Halo we hope you will get back in the ring. 

Now....I prepare myself for the Celebration. I’m so excited. I ride for all those who never thought they could or would. Keep dreaming because we can and will.  ♦️♦️♦️šŸ“❤️❤️❤️

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