Monday, May 28, 2012

Bourbon's mamma

Saturday was a "sleep in" day.  I finally arose about 8am and went down to join Jane for coffee out on the porch.  We chatted , checked on joy, the baby calf, and then I got ready to head out to ride Bourbon.  Since there was no more showing for me this weekend, I could put my mind to learning how to get a better feel for Bourbon.  I had reviewed my ride a thousand times in my mind since last night, and I felt I just basically needed saddle time.

B was in the cross ties when I arrived, and in short order I was scaling him to get myself into the saddle.  Hannah and I reviewed our thoughts and critiqued my ride and then we started applying lessons learned while I rode.  Without, the pressure of the show ring, and with the luxury of focused attention, I really got a good feel for bourbon.  It was good to make the errors and learn to correct in mid-stride and get the desired effect.  I tried a few things and made all kinds of wonderfully horrible mistakes....and learned.  I know that B is a much more challenging horse for me than others have been to ride, and I have to be thinking every second.  These together moments were powerful to helping make us a better team.

Afterwards I enjoyed giving him a shower and just spending time with him.  I know it'll be a few weeks before I'll see him again, so I soaked in the precious time.  I have to say that he is really a cute horse.  He's got a really sweet disposition, and just loves the attention.  Call me crazy but I think he misses home, and Diva, and the pasture.  I promised we'd get him back home come fall so he could enjoy some time off after the summer of work.

After saying my goodbyes, I was off to join Bobbikaye for lunch. She is the breeder who owns Bourbon's mamma.  We had salads at Chilis and then I got to visit her place and see B's mom, full brother and sister, and a half sister.  It's like the 'Carmel' factory at her place! Almost every horse is the color of B.  I laughed, cuz at my house they are all black.  Well, except until Bourbon arrived.  We led out the two yearlings and watched as they romped and played in the pasture.  They reminded me of Fashion and Tucker, when they would run and play together.  LOL.

It was really nice to get to know Bobbikaye better, and hear her walking horse stories and experiences....and to meet her horses, dogs, cats, and her very cool flock of exotic hens.  Every time I visit and meet someone else in the walking horse world, I am amazed at the history, the knowledge and the new information I learn.  I guess if you take the time...there is a wealth of knowledge in so many places.  And thankfully, so many who are willing to share.

As the sun started to cast longer shadows, I realized it was getting close to show time...and Saturday night should prove a good night for great horses.  So off to Shelbyville I went.   I must say that it was quite the eventful night...horses casting shoes, a little boy rider losing his stirrups and causing the crowd to gasp and one onlooker to dive into the ring from the stands to help, a few excused horses and tickets....and of course controversial placements.  But the highlight was Carlan's inaugural ride on Lil Wayne this season!  He won a World Grand Championship last year with Carlan in the amazing feat for a 2-year old against aged horses.  So she was anxious for his classes.  Both Bobby and Carlan would show him tonight.  And when Lil Wayne came in the crowd went wild.  It's obvious that this Lil horse has earned quite the following and fan base!   Most notably Carlan's daughters who cheered the entire time mom was riding.
Jane and I give Carlan a good luck kiss for
 her ride on Lil Wayne tonight!

The classes were tough, the competition ferocious, and in the end, LW earned reserve awards in both his classes.  While it would have been nicer to have blues...this still is a testament to his outstanding talent.  And it's early in the season.  This Lil guy's got it and the walking horse world better continue to beware of this 3 year old.  Besides Carlan fits him perfectly, and he her.  So it's a match made in heaven, for sure.

The finale stake class brought a blue for Copperfield, and the possibility that I just witnessed a perfect ride by the next world grand champion for 2012.  We'll see come this Fall.  But he certainly was spectacular.  And a great ending to a spectacular day in Tennessee.

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