Monday, May 28, 2012

Delayed in Tennessee

My final day in Tennessee brought the possibility of catch riding at the WHOA show at Womack Stables for Bobby Richards.  I joined Carlan and The Colt Center crew at the show. It was hot, but great to spend some time with the ole gang from the barn Bourbon was at last year.  Darden and Dr John were there, and as delightful and charming as always, plus Bobby was in full form.  And while Stacy chose the poolside versus ringside today (a smarter choice to be sure), both of his boys were on hand.  But before we even got started, we were packing up, due to the heat and the fact that the generator was not working.  That meant the young herd of two year old would have been standing all day in the 95+ degree sun without the relief of fans....  Besides the air conditioned Mexican restaurant sounded better to all of us!  So we caught lunch together instead.

My flight was at 5pm.  So I headed for the airport by mid afternoon.  But this is where my wonderful weekend adventure took a turn for the worst.  In fact, as I am writing is now 9:30pm, I'm sitting on the floor propped against the wall in a corner of Gate A1 in Nashville.  I had boarded on time, to only be de-boarding minutes later.  And while the mechanic came within 30 minutes, the part they needed would take 3 hours to arrive.  And so I sit hoping that the new departure time of 10:30pm, that gets me home by midnight, happens.  Versus the alternative nightmare of trying to get home on Memorial  day. On the bright side, my plane had been filled with a youth singing choir.  And they sang and entertained us during the delay.  And they we're really good.  My girlfriends daughter, Kerya, would have loved them. It was like glee club....with a south African flair.

And, so I wait.  In the end it was 3:30am when I pulled in the driveway, and slipped under the covers.  A very long day, but I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.   It was good to be home.

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