Thursday, August 30, 2012

A long ride home

Blue skies with B behind me.
Tuesday I woke before 6am, grabbed my breakfast and coffee to go, and packed up my suitcases into the truck and headed over to Hannah's.  I drove up to the back lot where I had parked my trailer, and Ed greeted me and helped me hook up.  Then down to the circle drive in front of the Main Gait stable, and I walked into the barn to get Bourbon ready for the trip home too.  Hannah's groom helped me get Bourbon out of his stall, and he wrapped his legs for me.  He is a true pro, and I have to say, I've picked up more than one tip on readying a horse from him while I've been there this year.  Here again, I marveled at how he wrapped the legs in the cotton pads and then bound them with the blue wraps I had provided him.  They were perfect....   And in moments B was ready for the trailer.

Over bridges.
I walked him out, and I teared up.  Really?  :)   I am so sad to leave this place today.  Its been so much fun.  I've learned so much.  I've met more new people.  And, Bourbon has come so far.  Hannah has been so good to both of us - she is totally amazing.....and has given us gifts that we'll never be able to repay.   But we'll be back soon.  And I can't wait to find out how next year will unfold for us when we come back.

Bourbon walks to the trailer, puts one foot into the bed and stops and steps back out.  He looks back, and then at me.   I tug the lead rope and ask him to step in.  And after a moment, he jumps right in.  Maybe he was having a moment as well.  :)    I hook him up, pat him, and we're off.   I wave to Ed as I leave, and he waves back.   And as I turn right out of the drive, I look over at the Hannah Pulvers sign and smile.  Bye for now.  We'll be back.

With trucks.
The drive is long, but fairly uneventful.  I stop a few extra times, to water and check how things are going inside the trailer.  Stop for gas, stop for lunch.....and keep on truck'n.   We left Hannah's around 7:30am.  I arrived home about 12 hours later.

B checks things out at
Road Ranger gas station.
Diva and Fashion ran thru the pasture to greet the truck.  And then cantered all the way back to the barn with us as we pulled in.  I think they knew Bourbon is back, and they are there to welcome him.   When I pulled B from the trailer, he backed out like a champ, and looked around.  He craned his neck and looked at the house, the barn...and then at Fash and Diva.  Then he relaxed and just strolled into the barn like he had never been gone.   I put F & D back out into the pasture and closed the gate, and put B in the paddock right after I pull off his wraps.   I think he enjoyed stretching his legs, and walked every inch of the paddock and we watched.  I'm not sure if he actually recognized the place and remembered his paddock friends - but it sure seemed like that.  I swear, he knew exactly where he was.

Missed ya Diva!
It was getting dark, so I tucked him in his stall with a deep fresh layer of shavings, a pail full of cool water and some hay to keep him busy all night.  Scott and I spent some time with him.  Scott couldn't get over how big he had gotten, and muscled, and big, and so big.  LOL. Its been a long time since he saw him in person. Probably 6+ months.  And he's gotten alot bigger since last December when he left here.

All three sharing a stall.  Like B was
never gone...right back to normal.
It was late, B was tired, and I was tired from the long drive.  But we were home.  Truly Dorthy was right, there's no place like home.  For me, or for B.   And, I think Diva and Fash were glad to have him back as well.  The three amigos, together again.  :) 

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