Saturday, May 18, 2013

And so 2013 begins a new show year...

Me, Gale and Kricket - on our way.
To catch everyone up, it was March 1, 2013 when I returned B to Shelbyville.  I had hoped to get him back in training earlier, but a change of jobs - or more precisely a job hunt - slowed my progress. But by March I was beginning a new career phase and Bourbon was going to begin a new show year. This will be his last junior year as a four year old.  He's bigger, stronger and much more coordinated, so we're hoping for an exciting year. Fingers crossed.
B is back!

I was lucky enough to have company for the trip this time. Both Kricket and Gale decided that a road trip sounded good. And a little time to play with horses would be fun. So we set off hauling B behind us and headed south. And other than a quick detour through Indianapolis and Louisville, KY (umm, which was not in the plans but provided ad hoc compliments of Gale)  ;) the trip was basically filled with good conversation and tons of laughter.  We also fit in a night in downtown Nashville, which was fabulous. We did the honkey Tonks, enjoyed BBQ, and met Sam Moore, the damn cutest cowboy singer of the bunch.   In addition we fit in a bit of horsey shopping. Kricket got horse shoes, I got a new navy English snap brim, and well Gale bought a horse!  We decided to call him S'moore, after our cute new cowboy singer - cuz he was the darn cutest thing. He's gonna make someone in Wisconsin a great little horse. And her name is probably Gale.
At the Honkey Tonks.
Doin' a lil shoe shop'n

So now Bourbon is back in training. And I'm back to work in my new job. So we're both in learning mode. And ready to start our new adventures in 2013.

I'm glad you've decided to join me. I plan to keep my blog going....since so many of you have encouraged me to do so. And honestly, it's been a great way for me to revisit the fun journey I've been on too. So I once again tip my hat to my 'neice in law', Jena, who provided the idea through inspiring me to follow her blogging activity with my own.
Meeting Sam Moore! 

For those savvy readers, you'll note this is a March story posted in May. I'm now down in Tennessee for the first show. It's been drizzling all morning so I hope that clears before tonight's opening anthem. And now I'm gonna jump out of bed, have some coffee with Jane, and head over to ride bourbon for the first time since March. I'll post how today and tonight go. Stay tuned.

Two cuties at the Clearview B&B
that we stayed at during the trip.

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