Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hybrid Jumper

I guess as soon as you say your days are starting to fall into routine, god takes notice and tosses you a few curve balls, just to keep you on your toes.  Today when I went out to the car to go to see Bourbon, my car was dead. I have a hybrid, so I wasn't quite sure what you do. Do you plug it in?  Jump it?  Arghhhh.  My decision....go get Jane, she'll know what to do!  So I ran back up to the porch, opened the door and peered in, and called for Jane. She came out of her bedroom with her bathrobe on, listened to my tale, and squinched her nose up. Oh no!  So much for being an easy guest. I'm now making her get dressed and come out in the rain to help me figure out what to do. 

In just a few moments Jane is standing under her orange 'watchin for the storm' umbrella, looking under the hood. Whew, at least a gift of mine it keeping her kinda dry while I impose on her hospitality .  We easily identify the red + spot for the jumper cables,  but can't figure out the - location. Jane runs to her truck for her jumper cables and I jump in the car and call hertz hot line. The rain comes pouring down.  Jane joins me, and we pull the manual out of the glove compartment and talk to the hot line lady.   We weren't sure if you jump a hybrid as you'd jump a regular car. So we asked about that, and if it's okay to do it in the rain....or if we should plug this baby in.  LOL.  It turns out, you jump a hybrid just as you would any other car. So we hang up, and begin the process. Jane plugs my car with the positive, plugs her positive, then her negative, and then nods at me to put the negative on my hybrid. I hold my breath and plug the black jumper cable to complete the circuit. Whew, nothing blew up.....yet!   Then we both jump into respective cars....and voila!  All the lights on my dashboard flicker!  Yeah!  I push the electric start button and she's on!  Thanks Jane!  We toss the jumper cables into my car, just in case....and I'm off.  Wet, but moving! I knew Jane would know what to do!

Bourbon waits for his
ride ring side.
The aisle way to the arena.
Bourbon getting a trim.
Katie, Carlan and Chad join
Emily for her reserve. 
Champions Arena for
the Woodbury show.

When I get to Main Gate Farms, I'm still wet. I share my story...and teach a few folks the finery of jumping a hybrid. ;).  And then I walk down to find B.  They had just pulled him out. I look at his face and he looks like he just woke up...and he literally has little circles under his eyes. Poor guy, it's been a long weekend. He worked hard in that class last night and it shows on his face. At least today we are not showing. So it's just a practice ride. And the practice is for me...not him. We'll be taking it easy.....and then he'll get a few days off to fully recuperate. 

Once B reaches the arena, I climb aboard and begin to dog walk him. He feels good. And we just walk and I talk to him. His little ears flick back at me to listen, then flick forward. Back and forth. I tell him about how proud I am of him this weekend, and I say hellos from Fash and Diva. His ears perk and flick. Like he's liking the story.  Then I pick up the reins and ask him. He picks right up and jumps into it. It's a nice easy ride. A smooth controlled flat walk. Hannah coaches and compliments. She can see he's a little tired and reminds me to help wake him up. I give him the cue and he perks and strides. I can hear him hit it hard and bam bam bam bam he comes right down the wall. I love that sound. It echoes in the arena...and wakes everyone up. Mostly me. I get a little chill. And I smile.  Hannah laughs and says she likes the relaxed Renee. I agree with her. If only I could ride this relaxed and controlled in the show ring.  I end with a little more dog walk. And then park him in and get off. I grab up his reins and we stroll down the aisle, back to the cross ties. And I talk to him the whole way. He turns and listens and nudges me with his nose. I pat him. He's a good boy. And I won't see him for three weeks. I already miss him as I turn him over to have his saddle pulled.   

I return to the arena to watch a few other horses get ridden. And before I go, I go back, climb into Bs stall and just hang out with him for a while. He has a window at the back of his stall. We both stand and look out and listen to the breeze in the trees and the birds chirping.  (hmm a little break in the rain)  He nudges me, and I pat him. And we hang out together.  Bye Bourbon, I'll be back soon!   I say good bye to Hannah too and get back in my hybrid. I hold my breath and push the electric start. It goes on...  Whew!

Tonight is the Woodbury show. And for the first time in its history it won't be at Woodbury. The river has flooded the ring due to all the rain...and once again everyone will gather at champion arena on the celebration grounds instead.  Tonight Carlan and Emily will show, and I get to be the spectator.  When Jane and I arrive, we go into the warmup area to find them.  They are there and we get their class numbers, wish them good luck and head out to the ring to find some good seats and partake in some libations. :)  Carlan shows first and gets a good ribbon in a huge class. And Miss Emily comes out on SNB second and rides to the reserve in the youth class!  Great ride!  And we take some great winners photos afterwards.  This is the first season of showing for Emily, and the very first time I have personally seen her show. She did not disappoint!  Afterwards we go and have Mexican to celebrate with Dr John and Bobby.  Woot woot. 

 After dinner, Carlan and I go back to watch the padded classes for the evening.  Some fabulous horses. Big classes. Once again the show is hopping with people. And it's fun to socialize and watch the show. There is even a special presentation of the reigning world grand champion walking horse, Walk Time Charlie.  He is fabulous and the crowd gets to their feet and cheers as he makes his passes.  It so exciting to have him pass so close by to you.   You can feel the breeze he makes and hear him snort as he works.  Performance horses have an extremely ripped physique ...they are amazing animals to behold this close up.  And Charlie is bronze with a long white mane and tail that flows like water-rapids as he goes.  He is beautiful to watch.   

Before I know's after 11pm. And I need to catch a 6am flight in the morning.  So it's good bye Shelbyville. Good bye Carlan and girls.....and I'm off.  I'll be back soon!  International is our next visit.  Just three weeks away.  And Scott and Diva are coming too!   One of my dear friends once told me that there is a plan for each of is unfolding just for you in that grand plan.   You just need to be open to it.  I believe that.  And cant wait to find out what's in store for me next.  All I can add is......keep on following your dreams. 

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  1. Hey Renee, found your blog via your ad in the WHR. Congratulations on your wonderful successes with Diva and Burbon in TN. That competition is not easy. I have been watching you and B. on Bob Roaches videos, did you know you were out there? Love what you are writing, you capture and explain the emotions of that sport so well.
    I have known Carlin in another life on other horses. Please tell her Pat Eames says Hello and Congratulations. Is she riding Shake and Bake? Saw his video just before he was purchased, he is lovely. TN just ain't WI!!! It is wonderful to learn how the big kids play & you explain it beautifully! I'll be watching & rooting for you!
    Best wishes, Pat