Saturday, July 27, 2013

Third time's a charm

Oh, I hope that saying is true!  This is going to be my third International. And believe it or not, the third year of me blogging on this blog!  It's the third time I will ride B here and the third time I will ride Diva here. I wish I had all three of my horses here and then I could include that threesome too. But it sure would be nice if this year is the charm!  ;)
Diva loaded in trailer
And ready to go. 

Right now I'm sitting in my hotel room in Murfreesboro. I drove down today, and Diva is already at Miller coliseum all tucked in for the night.  Unlike my first trip down in a storm, today was just beautiful. Sunny, fluffy white clouds, and most of the day was in the 70s, although I did see it get as high as 83 as we entered Kentucky and Tennessee. But truly a very nice and beautiful day for a drive. The trip is about 10 hours of driving time. I think I made it in under 11 and a half hours with rest stops and diesel fill ups. Between phone calls and music the time went by fast. Or I'm just getting used to the ride.
A beautiful day. Our trailer among the
Semis at the rest stop. 

Diva is in stall 79. It's a corner stall, and she's with a few other AOT horses of customers of Hannah's. So it's nice that she is not alone tonight. In fact Tami, a new client of Hannah's,  has her AOT horse right across the aisle from D, and she is going to check her tonight for me, since she is camping on the grounds.  I am so lucky to continue to meet such nice people, and I feel so much better that at least someone will check on her once or twice before I return to see her in the morning. Tami actually has been here a few days already for the TWHBEA versatility show and has a string full of ribbons already, including reserves and blues.  The red and blue ribbons were those that hung around the horses that means they were high point or championship classes. Her smile was infectious as she told me about all her and her youth rider's classes. Quite an accomplishment and the week hasn't even hardly begun. And this is her first time at the international!!
Diva in stall #79. 

Diva seemed like the drive down agreed with her, and she was relaxed and ears up as I pulled her out of the trailer and put her in what will be her new home for the next 8 days. She drank, ate and nickered a bit at Tami and I as we scurried about. I set up her new fan. Spread shavings in her stall, and filled her water bucket more than once.  I parked and unhitched the trailer. I locked up my tack and walked around a bit on the grounds. Numerous trailers where parked. Many campers were already hooked up to electric with folks socializing. And a large number of stalls already occupied. I heard that they were expecting a record turn out. And that all stalls were taken in the main stall building plus some already in the second building.  That's great news, although it will also mean additional competition....and I'm sure exceptional horses. I'm excited to see what is put in the ring this year. This show brings huge talent to the arena, and from the sounds of it, this may be the best year yet....well at least of the three years I've ever attended.
Tennessee Miller Coliseum.
I was so excited as I drove up!

So, with that I'll conclude for the night, and get myself tucked in bed for a good nights rest. Tomorrow I'll see how Diva feels, and if she seems relaxed and ready.  If so, I may show her during the Futurity Sunday night. They have a few non-Futurity classes speckled in with the Futurity nominated classes, and one is an AOT in diva's division, so......we just may go into that class since we're here and on the grounds.

PS - thanks for all the well wishes, calls and text messages this week. It means so much to have the support ... even when it's long distance and digital. Keep it coming. And I'll try to keep you all abreast of the weeks activities as we go via my blog.
Good night.....sweet dreams! (and I think this will happen, even the pillow on my bed says so!). :)

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