Thursday, July 11, 2013

The next edition

Bourbon's ad in the Walking Horse Report.
I'm back home...but the July 4th weekend of showing is still top of mind.  With Bourbon's big win...comes a slew of offers to advertise.   And, with help from Hannah, space is secured and the job of designing your ad, selecting photos and reviewing proofs begins.   With a weekend filled with rain, and a papered name of "Watchin for the Storm" didn't take long to find a theme.

First task is selecting a photo.  So, off to Jennifer Barr Studio's website to view the shots of Bourbon from his class.  Its not easy, and I text a few I like to Hannah for her thoughts.  the one I like has B striding great, and his headstall tassel is flipping up as he shakes his head.  It feels action filled and fitting.  And, it was captured in a rare moment where I'm "kinda" smiling in it as well (instead of my focused concentration face...).  I'm actually traveling on business the early part of this week while this is being done, and my texting and proof viewing has to be completed during breaks and evenings, and on my iPhone.  As I look at the photos on my iPhone and text, I think, what would we do without technology?

Next, what should be the message to include.  I want to thank Hannah, Bub and I pen a few thoughts - and try to weave in the storm theme.  Keeping it simple, to the point...and to theme.

And finally, its waiting to get the layout idea from the artists at the Walking Horse Report paper, and making sure everything is spelled correctly.  The designers come up with lightning storm art, and superimposed B in the midst of it!  A few tweaks later, and we have an ad that I'm happy with, Hannah's happy with...and we make the deadline!

Now I can't wait to get my next issue in the mail.  Since I'm in'll be the end of the week or the following weekend before it reaches me.  I think they come out over the weekend if there is a show.  And for sure by next Monday - which will the the official date of the issue.   But, I'll have to wait a little longer to get my in-hand copy!  I'm certain it will be a thick one.  Three big shows...with hundreds of entries.  I'm sure the coverage will be exhaustive!

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