Thursday, July 31, 2014


It's been a busy couple last days. But i wanted to provide an update on the highlights.

- I had two classes so far with Diva. She got 5th out of about 16 or 17 in her western and 6th in English. 
- Katie is still wearing her egg and spoon championship medal. ;)
- I went to Bedford tack to shop. Bedford is about the size of a Walmart but with every horse supply you could imagine. There is always items I find that I never knew I needed. My prize purchase is a new saddle stroller to bring my tack to the warmup instead of carrying it. I'm very excited. 
Jane and Spiderman Two - getting ready
for their class.  Love all the attention
she's getting - like the scene in Pretty Woman!
- Jane rode her new Spiderman Two horses and is having a great time with her trainer. 
- Gale showed both her 2yo horses and was in the ribbons!
- Carlan's Lil Wayne won his class and Emily got high ribbons with their weanling. And they have been doing extremely well with shake n bake. 
- Rachael arrived. (poor Krysta is stuck at home.  Hi girlfriend!). She's staying with me tonight. 
- the progressive barn party was held last night. Us Wisconsinites brought spotted cow to share.  Of course it was a hit. Darden made sure everyone had one and was the chief bottle opener. It was fun to socialize
- Halo was ridden last night after the show. He had the place to himself and he looked really good. Hannah was able to get his focus and they started hitting it. 
- the weather has been amazing. In the 70s and great for showing

Sorry for the quick post. I'm off to feed and do chores. And Scott will arrive in a few hours. Tonight I ride B in his first class. 

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