Sunday, July 27, 2014

Shoes and fans.

The pretty drive up to Miller Coliseum - lined with trees
and white fences.  The arena in the background at right.
I woke early and slipped down to the hotel lobby for breakfast. The eggs and sausage helped wake me up. Then I grabbed a coffee and yogurt and headed for the truck.  While I have no classes today or tommorrow, I still had plans to Take practice rides in the big arena. They let you go into the ring and ride between the morning and evening set of classes and I've always found it helpful to let the horses experience the ring before they go in to show.

I stopped off at Walmart on my way to Miller, and picked up water, tea, and assorted sandwiches and quick meals. We have a mini fridge and I thought it would be good to stock it full, for keeping hydrated and fed when times get busy.  Then off to Miller to fill water buckets and toss hay for B and D. They nickered their hello's when I arrived and dove right into their morning meal. Just like I did with my eggs this morning. I'm pleased to see that despite the heat we all have our appetites. And the buckets needed filling twice during meal time. So I'm confident everyone is hydrated too.

At 930 I walked over to see Terry Moran, my tennessee farrier.  And he agreed to shoe both horses. Diva was first. And then B. I hung out and chatted up poor Terry the entire time. We told stories, laughed and he shared great shoeing tips.  What a skill, I thought as I watched him measure and effortlessly work his magic  What a great guy too. He's been ensuring diva was always shod compliantly since my very first year down here. So I was thankful he was able to do the shoes for me today too. I must say the job was perfect. A full show level treatment. And by noon they were both done with their manny panny salon appointments.

Front row - right across from the warmup and DQP.
We took advantage of the spot to hand the WWHA
banner.  Our group took nine stalls.
I couldn't wait to put his shoeing job to the test, and immediately tacked up B and headed into the arena. I  L. O. V. E. this arena. I am reminded every year when I first set foot in that dark red earth, just how much I love this arena. It is soft, loamy, and both my horses seem to deliver their best rides of the year in this red satin.  And today was no different.  B dug right in and just walked a hole in the ground. He was shaking and walking and he felt so good. If it wasn't so hot I would have rode him around that big ring a hundred times, maybe a thousand.  I exhaled and totally enjoyed every step he took.

Next up was Diva. But by the time I had her ready to ride, there was a clinic going on inside, and so I only got in to the warm up area. But that footing is the same and she seemed like she was happy with it too. Even her little ears were flopping. I had a few fast moments, but for the most part she was timed well and just did a nice flat walk. Carlan and Katie and Emily came in with Chico. And so we were riding around in the warmup area together. Other than one or two other horses that ventured in for awhile, we had the place pretty much to ourselves. I parked Diva in by Emily and asked if she wanted to take D for a spin?  Her face lit up and in less than two second she was up in the saddle and we were adjusting the stirrups to fit her properly. She did an outstanding job riding D. And for me it was great to watch her go. I never get to see her go. So I appreciated the opportunity as much as Emily did. And even D seemed to think it was a cool thing!  Emily beamed and said she loved her. And I know exactly what she meant. I love riding that mare too.

The Halo/me selfie -
in Halo's stall in the
Hannah Pulvers Stables row.
Then the moment I have been waiting months for happened. Halo arrived!  He's in stall 34.  And when I walked into the Hannah Pulvers aisle, everyone pointed to that stall and said that Hannah told them that was him, and to tell me the stall number when I arrived. :) how did she know I'd be obsessed to see him. LOL.   And what a pretty boy he is. He took my breath away. That tiny face, those dainty ears, that solid back and long legs. I opened the door and slipped in and he walked right over and sniffed me. And then he put his nose in my hand and it seemed like he was saying hello. And I smiled. Katie was with me and she reached up to pet his velvet nose and grinned.  I snapped a selfie and texted it to Scott. Oh I can't wait to see him move tomorrow. And maybe ride him too. Yeah!

The rest of the day was filled with bathing horses, helping hang stall fans for the HP row, and watching the versatility classes. A Mexican dinner with Carlan, and I was ready to hit the hay. Both literally, as in tossing it to the horses for their late munching, and figuratively now for me, as in pillow time.

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