Saturday, July 26, 2014

International 2014

Miller Coliseum is home to the
2014 WHOA International.
Hey everyone. Today I made my 4th annual pilgrimage to Murfreesboro, TN for the Tennessee walking horse International. I woke at 445am to do my final packing and ready the horses. This year I'm taking both Diva and Bourbon for the Amateur Owned and Trained (AOT) classes.  And by the amount of packing and double everything, I'm thinking the week ahead will be a lot more work than just one AOT horse. Just hay alone proved a bit of a space challenge. Not to mention bits, bridles and saddles.  But we pulled out by 630am and were on our way. Mostly due to Scott's help in ensuring we were all set. Love you babe!  Scott will fly down and join us later in the week and drive back with me.

The day's drive for the most part was pleasent and safely uneventful. We made good time with the minimum stops for gas and water breaks.  And thankfully my phone was ringing regularly, with great conversations to break up the trip and make the time go fast. Thanks to all my friends and MOTHER who checked in with me. By 530pm, we made our last left turn into Miller colesium and my heart skipped a beat. It is always so cool to turn into the grounds and drive up the white fence lined drive. It's big and awesome and welcoming, all at the same time.

Diva (aka I'm Demanding) has moved into Stall 18
for the big week of competition.
I parked and began to unload. Diva in stall 18, and Bourbon in stall 17. I like those numbers for some reason. They feel good. Especially that we have a lucky 7 in the mix.   We are in the first row facing the warmup. So it's very convenient.  Only steps from the DQP and right across from Bedford tack onsite store in a trailer. This should be good. Plus we have most of the row!  I'm next to Tami Steinbrecher and her two horses, plus Carlan is bringing her AOT horse for her daughters to show and Gale Zinter and Eileen Olson from Wisconsin are  joining us too.  So, we kinda have our own group all together.  I have a feeling it is going to be SO much fun this year  its like you can already feel the energy in the air

When I arrived my shavings were all down. Thanks miss Emily for having them fresh and ready for us!  B and D made themselves right at home, as the rest of us rushed around prepping the site. Fans, electric, seating, refrigerator, tack.  The list goes on. And it was fun, since I had so much help. Katie Livingood and Peggy Butler were down from Wisc to see the Twhbea versatility show and met up with me to provide a helping hand. And soon Carlan and her girls arrived and the party ensued.  Lots of sweat and dirt. But things shaped up quickly. Thanks so much to all of you for the helping hand. And Katie and Peggy it was so nice to see you in TN. Safe travels back north tomorrow!
Katie is a helpful hand to
set up, fill water buckets
and promote Halo with
her halo over her head.

After refilling water buckets I joined Carlan, Emily and Katie for dinner. I had this super yummy salmon salad with all kinds of healthy antioxidants atop. Healthy and tasty. To be honest I was so hungry, I think just about anything would have hit the spot.  But this did the trick and was healthy. Bonus!  

 I'm now checked into my hotel and will hit the pillow soon. I set the alarm for 630 and will go back to Miller for feeding and a farrier visit.  Plus I will see Halo for the first time since I bought him. Woot woot!!  Can't wait to see my baby boy.  He'll be with us all week in the Hannah Pulvers Stables aisle,  but we have yet to decide if we will show him this week.  There are a few 2yo classes so those would be the ones if we do.  But that is TBD.   Either way I'm excited as all get out.  All 3 of my show string are here in one place for a whole week.  H.  E.  A. V. E.  N. !

I'll try to keep everyone up to date via my blog this week. And yes I have my cell and keep the text messages coming. I am excited to see what this week of competition will bring. Wish us luck!  And I wish all those competing this week a safe, fun and successful week too. 

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