Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Championship Victory Pass

On the last night of the show are the Championship classes. I had to decide on Friday morning before noon if I would show back for the championship class for AOT trail pleasure. I hemmed and hawed about it, and decided to do it. Maybe this would be my last ride at a show like this with Diva, and so why not. That ring is so cool to ride in, it would be worth it just to do it one more time. Class 148. I called the WHOA office before the deadline of noon, and heard myself say, p.ease put me down for class 148. I hung up and said....well I better get ready. I decided to try a different bit on diva that morning. One that would get her head up more. We had looked online at the show photographers website at prior days classes, and I felt she had her head lower than I wanted, so some adjustments were in order. I gave her a test drive at janes, and it felt much better, and Jane agreed. Higher in the head and more backend! Perfect.

I rode bourbon in a 2yo Am rider class...but took 4th of 4. my friend Carlan won the class and got to do the blue ribbon victory pass! She has herself a VERY VERY nice colt, and I'm sure she has many many more of those to come. He's exciting to watch. And only 2. Wow,

The Scoop interviews me upon exit.
Then after what always seems like forever, they call for class 148. My ride is good. Her head is high and she seems more experienced to the ring and the whole scenario. Into the lineup, and then the wait for the awards. I look up into the audience, and it's a cool feeling. Take it all in I tell myself. My very last ride of the International. I'm exhausted. I'm proud of myself for doing it. The announcer comes on, and calls the winners number. It's Maggie Moore and just doin my time. A very experienced and notable AOT. I think that horse may also hold a world champion title. She rides up for the award and photograph. And then they announce the reserve is number 972, I'm demanding and Renee Stasiewicz for the reserve. I pull out of the lineup and over to the reserve ribbon girl. It's Sis Osbourne and she has a long long red ribbon that goes all the way around Divas neck. She reaches up, puts her arms around Diva and hooks the ribbon on. She then informs me to stay in the ring for a victory pass. oMG, I get to make a victory pass. This means you ride solo around the ring as you exit. I make my plan of which way to ride. And there is only one right answer. I have to ride counter clockwise, so that Scott can see it on the streaming video at home. The announcer once again announces our win for the reserve, I'm demanding and Renee Stasiewicz makes the ride for the reserve. Diva starts too fast, so I check her, and try to make it us Scott, I wish you were here to see this! And there are cheers. We worked hard, and the judges saw her talent. Yeah! And then there are happy tears. Not just mine, but jane is at the gate and she running to catch up to me and we hug. It's been a long stressful week, but this made it all so worth it. Many people congratulating you. Pictures, and even the paper reporters interviewing you. So maybe I'll make the scoop or something. Lol.
Our photo taken in the winners circle.

The ribbon is very cool. It looked so beautiful around divas neck. And honestly, (whoops sorry Scott for using that) I would let her wear it all night and all the way home to Wisconsin, if I thought she wouldn't get it dirty. I can't wait to hang that one in my barn. Maybe next to the coolest photo of the moment, that Connie Waldo captured of me in the championship ring. I'll try to add that shot to this blog when I get home. My smile tells it all.

Well it is like 2am now, and I have a long ride back tomorrow. but stay tuned for my wrap up to come. Good night.

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