Sunday, July 31, 2011

Staying with Jane

Jane's Boomer. German short hair takes a snooze.
During the week, I kept laughing about the things I found in common about staying at Jane's and being at home with Scott.  So, I kept taking note...and decided to share my top ten list.
Jane, me and Buddy - doing show entry forms.

Top Ten Reasons Why staying with Jane is like being at home

10.  We both have homes with horses, set back from the country road, surrounded by tree lines...with a quarter mile gravel driveway.
9.  Morning breakfast and evening cocktails are served out on the front porch.  A shaded, relaxing spot to just sit back and enjoy listening to the rustle of the leaves, the moo's of the cows and good conversation and a few laughs
8. Scott and Jane both run dogs in field trials and judge trials, and both have a german short hair named Boomer  (this is actually how Jane knew me before walking horses)
7.  Scott and Jane both like pineapple shakes (that's kinda a weird flavor)
6. Jane sat and watched me ride Diva...just like Scott does at home -- both seeing the same things in our riding and providing similar feedback and kudos  
5. Beer is a staple good
4. We're good ol' Wisconsin girls
Jane four wheeling.
Jane's spread.  Note front porch!  :)

3. .....of course we LOVE cheese!
2. The four wheeler is a common mode of transportation around the property, or to go over to visit neighbors (weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)
1. And, the top reason....both Jane & Scott put up with me...and liked having me around...LOL

Thanks Jane for your hospitality!

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