Monday, July 25, 2011

Watchin for the storm

So I have to give credit to my new niece-in-law for inspiring me to do this blog. She blogged their honeymoon and it was so great to follow their European trip, that I decided I would do the same about my walking horse experience. So here goes.

As some of you know I bought a new walking horse and have it in training down in Tennessee. Bourbon (or more officially, Watchin for the Storm) is now 2, and I have been showing him in TN this summer. I guess that's where this story begins.

Sunday was the big travel day. I wrapped up Diva's legs and tossed her in the trailer and ventured off, just the two of us, on the 12 hour journey from Wisconsin to Tennessee. I decided since I was showing Bourbon, I could also show Diva...and so she was going with me. I may never do this again and seized the moment. Besides I am anxious to see how she 'stacks up' against the country's best. The International is one of the largest pleasure shows in the country for walking horses. So it's a good place to find this out. And I hope I like the answer. ;)

The trip was long and white knuckled most of the time! I was watchin for the storms all the way. (I knew that was a bad horse name from the beginning.) but seriously, it was bad. Wind, down pours, but worse of all the semi trucks! They just zoom past you providing a wall of water to make the storm driving even more frightening. I pulled off a few times to let it pass. But resigned to reducing my speed to continue forward progress. The trip would have been an hour less. So not too bad. (by the way Terre, I never saw the reduced truck n trailer speed signs! So I could go 65 the whole way. Hmm they must have changed that.)

Diva faired better than I. She was misty all over, but cool as a cucumber. Thank goodness! She's such a good more thing to add to the list of why I love her. We arrived to an already prepared stall of shavings, compliments of Jane, who I am staying with. It was so nice that she had it all ready for our arrival. And I think diva was digging the fresh scent of pine...and the stable ground under her feet. (like my pun on stable?)

I then was treated to a home meal and BEER. Yeah! Something to calm my nerves. Although I'm sure poor Jane was exhausted by my nonstop conversation. I had 12 hours of talk pent up from the trip. And, I think I was hell bent on catching up! (sorry Jane!). Then off to a nice shower and into bed. Exhausted and very excited for tomorrow and the week ahead.

So my story begins. And I guess you all will be able to follow me. And (hopefully) share in some successes, and I'm sure the agony of defeat. I'm excited. I'm nervous. And I pray for good clean rides, and at least to be noticed by the judges. So here's to giving it a go. Wish me luck!


  1. Best wishes to you, Diva and Bourbon!!

  2. I'm checkin your status out Renee! Best of luck and I'm glad your safe and Diva tooooooo :)
    Lisa Bruckner