Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You're up and you're down. You're in and you're out.

My Diva....t-shirt.
Please someone get this Katy Perry song out of my head. For anyone who wants to torment themselves with me, you can download it from iTunes for 69 cents. This will make sense later.

Got up and went out to check Diva and see how she's doing. I put her out in a little paddock and tossed some hay. She seemed fine but obviously restless. She's alone and decided to check out every inch of the paddock just to make sure. When I moved the truck and trailer she got very upset and started running and nickering. I totally think she thought I was leaving her. So I sat down and had a little chat with her and she ate. Yeah.

No show today, it's a day for Diva to get her legs rested from the long ride, and for me to ride Bourbon. So off to Bobby's I go! I'm so excited, haven't seen him for a few weeks. I talk to my mom on the walk over - gotta love cell phones. I'm staying at Janes that just happens to be across the street from the trainer, which is so convenient.
Diva in her home away from home.

I arrive to lively activity. Dr Gladney is riding, Stacey and Carlan are bathing a cute weanling, the boys are working more horses out the back and Bobby is prepping. The whiteboard displays the show schedule and it is completely full. And it only shows a few of the days of class plans. There must be 15 or 20 different horses going to the show from this barn alone. And Bourbons name is there too. Whew! But wait a minute? Why am I in the 50 and over class? And why is it in pink letters among the black with stars all around? I turn to meet a grin from Bobby...it's his idea of a joke on me. Ha ha. I'll get him back yet. But the grin turns more serious as he tells me the vet is coming out to look at Bourbon today. Seems we may not ride after all. Insert Katy Perry here. We'll see, is the verdict. Darn.
B in his stall.

I get a viewing of Carlans beautiful new western show saddle, and then decide to refocus on Diva. So I walk back and saddle her up. We had a nice ride and I think it went a long way to calm her more too. Then it was off to clean out her stall, the trailer and prep. Carlan saves me with an afternoon run to Steak and Shake. My first time there. YUMMY....great shakes btw.

The evening was a girls nite out for a birthday dinner for Jane. She's 25 again. Fab dinner at The Firefly - my seared tuna was so wonderful and the conversation and laughter even more so. Then off to hear a jazz band at The Bluebird Cafe, that was as great as any in new orleans. I'm reminded why Nashville is called music city! Then its a wild toad ride back home with Jean. We raced a train along a country road, quite an erie feeling in the dark with just headlights of the locomotive. I screamed! We all laughed. And I can honestly say my goal of making new friends out of this experience is coming true. Thanks Jane Jean Carrisa (yes spelled like that!) and Carlan for the great time and friendship.

I put diva in a stall for the nite when we get back, and was off to bed. I laid in bed and of course Katy was there with me. "You're hot n you're cold. You're yes n you're no. You're in n you're out. You're up n you're down." what a Roller coaster ride of a day! I hope the song changes tomorrow.

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